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Due to small space of car, the air inside is not well ventilated, causing hot air. Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) produced by transport fuel combustion, smoking, and others, contain many carcinogen, which are irritant and toxic to the human body. Commonly, nonwovens or a denser mesh of HEPA filters have been used as adsorption filters for vehicles. But in fact, neither of them has a long lasting efficiency.

Northern Europe well-known car brand has used PLASTICNET exclusive 3D conical weaving technology filtration. When the water vapor in the air through the GECOMAT purification filter, by contacting with the nano-catalyst in the fiber, it results in water ionizer to completely remove airborne contaminants.


PLASTICNET filter is proved to have great air purification capability, with some features of bacteria and fungi removal, odors and allergens elimination, in order to bring healthier air for driver and passenger. Made by eco-friendly material with GECOMAT technology, allows the filter to be washed and used for multiple times without decreasing the filtration efficiency, saving more of replacement costs. The great water ionization capability is also able to effectively reduce the PM10 contaminants and fine particles of PM2.5 up to 99.9%.