Home Appliances

Home Appliances


  • Japanese international home appliances leading brand.
  • The seventh largest information technology company in the world based on profit.
  • Worldwide and well-known home appliances brand.


The top hundred Japanese home appliances brand have a wide range of high market share products, such as air-conditioner, dehumidifier, refrigerator and purifier. With the exclusive 3D conical weaving structure, PLASTICNET has been providing products with high filtration efficiency of airborne contaminants.

Through the development of GECOMAT Technology, a variety of special capabilities are introduced to client, bringing more effective and useful products to the market. Bacteria and fungi removal, odors and allergens elimination, with great water ionization ability supporting purification capability to filter particulate matters in the air.


Interior paint, scouring oil, cleaning supplies and decorating equipment may usually unleash carcinogens like allergens, formaldehyde, irritating odors, etc. And with the low ignition point and non-smellable characteristics, the compound is difficult to detect. It is not safe to be around this kind of environment for long-term condition. PLASTICNET provides filtration solution for home appliances filter using green eco-friendly technology improving air quality and eliminating allergen with high effectiveness.


PLASTICNET non-toxic fiber material is cleanable and reusable. It can extend the service life with the same stable performance result even after been washed for multiple times. Compliant with environmentally friendly green product RoHS authentication, it unleashes no harmful matters. It is proved effectively reduce malfunction rate and replacement costs, improving consumer purchasing intention and marketing advantage.