Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Equipment


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In order to remove air contaminants produced in the working environment while minimizing the environmental risks that may be exposed to workers, most equipment is required to have a great ventilation and filtration efficiency.

The common flat weaving filter makes air flow only one way. When the airborne particles covering the filtration net, unventilated mechanical equipment will reduces its cooling effect. High pressure loss can easily causes machine failure or even power trip. As mentioned above, the potential safety risks and consumption for replacement are costs any businesses try their best to avoid.


Taiwanese largest market share of the first integrated telecom operator is one of our long-term partner. With the 3D conical weaving structure functional filtration net, it greatly enhances the capability in collecting contaminants and increase the air permeability. When the air flows in both directions, it prevents secondary pollution of the environment and ensure operation of mechanical equipment are working normally. Toxic free green eco-friendly materials are cleanable and reusable. It can extend the service life with the same stable performance result even after been washed for multiple times. Compliant with environmentally friendly green product RoHS authentication, it unleashes no harmful matters. It is proved effectively reduce malfunction rate and replacement costs, improving operational efficiency and firm benefits.