PLASTICNET was established in 1965, focusing on manufacturing innovative and eco-friendly plastic fiber used for multiple applications. With the combined technology and expertise, PLASTICNET is committed to protecting the environment and people through the development and manufacturing of many kinds of filtration solutions.


PLASTICNET combines the eco-friendly fiber technology with the green energy from environment, including solar, wind, hydraulic, geothermal, and other renewable energy. The combination produces grow light, hydrous oxide anion and far infrared growth wave, which are greatly beneficial to the plant. It is also significantly helpful in removing the harmful matters and resolving pollutants in the environment.


We uphold the “Natural, Healthy, Safety, and Innovative” concept as our core value. PLASTICNET exclusive fiber technology is devoted to improve the product quality and effectiveness, bringing the Green Energy Environmental Control concept into people lives. We strive to provide the healthy, safety, nontoxic and environmentally friendly products in residential, commercial, industrial and environmental applications.



Catalytic GECOMAT Fiber


3D Conical Weaving Structure