Our Technology GECOMAT


With the combined particular catalyst and GECOMAT technology, PLASTICNET filter products are able to remove bacteria and fungi effectively.

After placing the filter pieces into the bacterial liquid and shakes it for one hour, take the filter out and place it on a culture plate to examine the removal rate. The result is as follows:

(1) Staphylococcus aureus

(2) Escherichia coli

(3) Klebsiella pneumonia


The filter samples were placed in inorganic salt culture plate, and then placed in the environment with certain temperature and humidity after inoculation. The observation of the sample surface growth of mold after 28 days is as follows.

Water Ionizer and Deodorize

By utilizing the nature green energy, water molecules are decomposed by our filters to produce electron water ions, which can be used to refine and spread water molecules deep into every corner of the room. It can easily filter the PM2.5 and toxic volatile substances in the environment, and eliminate odor to restore the fresh air and take care of your breathing health.



3D Conical Weaving

PLASTICNET three-dimensional conical weaving structure enhances 90% of the contact surface area and improves the air filtration effect, which produces higher air permeability and lower pressure drop.

The air volume and pressure drop curve pattern for different thickness of filters is shown as below:



Electric Energy Saving

PLASTICNET 3D Conical Weaving Design increases the surface of filter media, and enhances ventilation capacity and lowers the pressure drop, allowing mechanical operation become smoother and saving more energy.

Actual test:

The testing is using “X” brand Water Cooling Fan with its original paper curtain film, then comparing the effectiveness after replacing the curtain film with our filter.

The test results are as follows:




Cleanable, Eco-friendly & Green Product

PLASTICNET upholds natural and environmentally friendly concept as core value. We highly support the international community in promoting environmental protection and waste reduction. Our products are toxic free and fully compliance with the Green Product RoHS safety material specification. It is designed with eco-friendly material, and proved to have the same effectiveness even after been washed for multiple times.




PLASTICNET has been continuously developing a variety of filter types to meet clients’ needs. With the combined expertise, exclusive design and technology, PLASTICNET is dedicated to providing solutions, through the development and manufacturing of innovative eco-friendly fiber net. This filtration netting is suitable for most any air, liquid, or gas separation and filtration application.