lthough the United States has conducted research and efforts on the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome(PRRS) deeply in the past 25 years, and the decline in productivity has also reduced the incidence of this disease in the past 10 years, the virus has been used in seeding farms in the United States and abroad. There is still a major threat.

According to the experiments from Swine Vet Center in Minnesota, filtering air can reduce

the risk of indirect transmission of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSV).

Unfortunately, most ventilation systems in pig farms are usually designed to provide fresh

air and control internal temperature, but cannot provide air filtration.

However, the air filtration system can effectively block viruses and pollutants spread in

the air, preventing them from entering the facility and spreading to the entire environment. The PRRSV is not only a major concern for pigs, such as cattle, dairy products and chicken farms.

Filtering the air can prevent pathogens (including PRRSV) from entering and spreading to the entire farm, avoiding impacts on animal health and production, as well as working capital.

Original Life can provide professional air filtration analysis to meet demand, protect animal health, and save cost and time.

The Principle of Our Filtration Technology

Original Life develops exclusive 3D

three-dimensional cone technology GECOMAT, which can effectively filter particles (below 3μm) while the mist can reach more than 90%. It can be used as mist eliminators, scrubber packing, drifter and liquid coalescers.

Smog AntibacteriaDeodorant Permeability Reusable

  • Anti-PRRS、Anti-M. hyo
  • Easy to install, Washable, Reusable
  • The filter can be placed in the air outlet and return air inlet. Recommended location: attic, window, ceiling , etc.
  • It can be applied to various of animal agriculture, such as pig houses, chicken houses, cow houses, sheep houses, duck houses, horse houses, etc.

Advantages of Our Filtration Technology

Low cost

GECOMAT Purification Filters are washable and reusable. Which are reduce the money cost of replacing the filter and the time cost of purchasing products.


The catalyst is melted into the fiber to achieve antibacterial, anti-mildew, deodorization, anti- mite, etc.

3D conical weaving structure to increase surface area and improve air permeability.


Through the 3D conical weaving structure , harmful substances can be filtered immediately. And which is only need to be cleaned to return as new one. That can save the time of purchasing a filter.

Adjust wind speed

It can disperse the wind or water vapor by the 3D conical weaving structure and make it more breathable, and also achieve energy-saving and power-saving effects.