Public Transportation

Public Transportation


  • THSRC (Taiwan High Speed Rail Co., Ltd.)
  • Top Singapore bus firm
  • European transnational aircraft manufacturing company


The Taiwan high-speed rail models were imported from Japan 700T-type trains. In the early introduction phase of the new train, Taiwan’s climate was warmer and wetter compared to the previous assessment and expectation. The air quality was also not in line with the early expectation. As a result, the filter of the condenser in the compartment was not able to work effectively. It decreased the cooling efficiency of the refrigerant, causing poor cooling effect for the equipment. The complicated structure of the machine affected the subsequent operation, and due to the safety standard exceeded temperature, it leaded to the shutdown of the trains. The cost of shutdown, including passenger compensation, maintenance manpower, supplies, and others were a huge expenditure.

The pressure drop of common flat weaving woven filter was too high, and particularly, it is not able to intercept fiber-like contaminants. Not only the replacement of the filters is too frequent, the fiberglass material is also harmful to human health. Filter replacement is only a temporary solution, because the ineffective filter type was still the root cause of the problem.


PLASTICNET 3D conical structure functional filter is able to effectively increase the surface are, producing low pressure drop while improving the filtration efficiency. It also has been passed through the British Standard fire test regulation and reached V0 grade testing. It is smoke and toxic free with exclusive flame retardant feature to ensure the safety of operation. In addition, non-toxic green eco-friendly materials are cleanable and reusable, performs in stable effectiveness even after been washed for multiple times. It plays a really important role in reducing the replacement and maintenance costs, benefiting company and consumer in long-term condition.