Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control

Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control

Slopes present serious erosion control challenges which occur when rain and wind disturb civil grade soil and imported topsoil.

The geotextiles provide immediate erosion protection and long-term field armor. It helps to establish the vegetation and permanently reinforcing vegetation for applications where the forces carried out by water exceed the shear limits of unreinforced vegetation. Typical applications include surface soil that is subject to erosion, stream banks, high flow channels, shorelines, coastlines and other areas where rock riprap have typically been used.

Compared to rock riprap revetment, our geotextile net provides significant cost savings and eliminates the need for quarrying and haulage, providing significant environmental and aesthetic benefits to any project.

It can be integrated with native soil and vegetation while providing a high-intensity, permanent erosion control solution.

Designed with PLASTICNET 3D GECOMAT Fiber Technology, it is engineered for erosion control on steep slopes and vegetated waterways, with longer design life as well as reduced installation and replacement costs.

With a three-dimensional conical structure polypropylene, it delivers more effectiveness and environmentally friendly solution for erosion protection of slopes, banks and channels.