Water Ionizer & Odor Control

Water Ionizer & Odor Control


Odor control is a significant environmental concern for many types of areas. It is the most challenging problems to solve in indoor air quality scope.


Odor source categories and health hazard cause chart

Odor source categoriesHealth hazard
Sulfur deoxidizationProduce irritating odors, causing respiratory hazard.
NitridesEdema, cough, fatigue, nausea, suffocation, headache, cannot take a deep breath, no appetite, constipation.
Oxygenated hydrocarbons, acid, alcohol, ketoneSkin corrosion, suppression and anesthesia in central nervous system may cause feeling nausea, vomiting, eating disorders, abdominal pain, and respiratory irritation.
Organic liquid and waste (similar to chicken or hog farm)Cause feeling nausea, vomiting, eating disorders
Dry cleaners – Dry cleaning oil


Dizziness, loss of coordination, poor health, asthma, breathing disorders, skin irritation, dryness, eye irritation, soreness, pain and tears, conjunctivitis, abdominal pain, stomach ache, swelling, feeling nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, lacking strength, slow breathing, cramps and even loss of consciousness.
Gas station – Gasoline and dieselVapors lead to mild irritation of the respiratory tract. For chronic effects, respiration through the skin can irritate the skin.
Gas cylinder test-packing plant – The odorant

(Methyl mercaptan)

The gas may passivate the sense of smell
Restaurant fumes, smoke from metal processing plant

 (Fatty acids, acetaldehyde, unsaturated olefins

Can cause irritation to respiratory tract, skin, and eyes.

Our filters are highly effective for controlling odors and removing VOCs. It is designed for the control of odor problems in re-circulated air, effectively removes airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants that can be applied in commercial and industrial high efficiency filtration systems.

PLASTICNET’s air filter products are fully compliance with the RoHS green product, environmentally friendly, effective and non-toxic. It is safely applied for use in all types of air filtration systems, regardless of the original manufacturer.

The scope of applications is unlimited. It ranges from high-efficiency filtration for electronics manufacturing, to preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and fungi with the capability to combat airborne contaminants.