Our Company


 Our company was established in 1965 and has been dedicating to significant manpower and research and development efforts in the field of plastic nets for the past 50 years. We are committed to enhancing our technology to meet the needs of customers in improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and providing nets for agriculture, industry, fishing, and animal husbandry. We have introduced groundbreaking process innovations to incorporate nanotechnology into the manufacturing of plastic woven nets. Our products primarily include air conditioning filters, air purifier filters, agricultural nets, mattresses, and shoe insoles. Additionally, we offer customized product designs to meet various functional requirements, including sterilization, antibacterial properties, dust mite resistance, mold prevention, odor elimination, water oxygen negative ions, IAQ, far-infrared rays, nanosilver, photocatalysts, and other functionalities. We spare no effort in researching and developing textiles that maintain air quality and promote health, with the aim of meeting consumer demands.


OriginalLife 沅瑢股份有限公司

Committed to innovation and research, we provide efficient and reliable filter products for consumers, making your environment cleaner and safer.

Gecomat 除霧網

We offer exceptional performance and a wide range of applications with our unique Gecomat green energy environmental control technology, providing demisters that are highly resistant to strong acids and bases while being easy to clean.


Product Leasing

We offer diverse leasing plans, eliminating the need for long-term cost commitments.

Product Development

Custom product development is provided by a professional team to help you bring your creative ideas to life.

Filter Testing

Thorough filter performance testing to ensure your products meet high-quality filtration standards.

IAQ Setup

We have extensive knowledge resources and testing standards to provide businesses or groups with IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) testing.

Processing Service

We offer a variety of sizes and custom processing services, including aluminum frames, iron frames, QQ clips, and more, to meet diverse production needs of our customers.