Building Materials

The construction industry has long been the backbone of modern societal infrastructure, but it’s also a sector with significant resource consumption and environmental impact. To enhance construction productivity, reduce energy consumption, and protect the environment, OriginalLife filtration technology has emerged as a groundbreaking solution for the building materials industry.

We offer solutions for dust control, wastewater treatment, air purification, and energy efficiency improvement, all while ensuring product quality, contributing to heightened competitiveness.

OriginalLife filtration technology stands as a vital tool for the construction industry to achieve sustainability and environmental goals. It not only boosts production efficiency and reduces carbon footprints but also helps minimize adverse environmental effects while providing a safer and healthier working environment for laborers. The construction industry can rely on OriginalLife filters to achieve excellence in quality and sustainability, building a more robust and sustainable foundation for our future. Our technology not only aligns with environmental trends but also supports a greener and more sustainable future in construction.

Building materials, light steel framing, composite panels, metal building materials, glass, enamels, rock wool, ceramics, furniture production.


Material Model

Animal Husbandry Cubical Filter

Animal Husbandry Circular Dome Filter