Filter for Agriculture

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Filter for Agriculture

Farms and Fields, Fish Ponds, Home Windows and Doors, Air Purifiers, Office Ceilings



  • The agricultural net features an innovative patented 3D conical structure‭, ‬ensuring high breathability without causing heat buildup‭.
  • ‬It offers long-lasting antibacterial and antifungal properties while effectively eliminating unpleasant odors‭.‬
  • This net excels in filtering airborne pollutants‭, ‬isolating harmful gases and bacteria‭, ‬thus maintaining clean air‭. ‬
  • It is woven‭ ‬from PE polyethylene material‭, ‬providing excellent tensile strength and durability‭, ‬with resistance to UV exposure for a long service life‭.‬
  • The raw materials meet RoHS certification standards‭, ‬guaranteeing safety and non-toxicity without releasing harmful substances into the environment‭.
  • ‬Its unique structure enhances far-infrared radiation‭, ‬promoting metabolism and boosting immunity‭.‬





Advantages and Features

Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antistatic, Negative Ion Emission, Deodorizing, Allergen-Resistant, Durable, Non-Toxic, Far-Infrared Radiation Enhancing, Low Pressure Drop, Eco-Friendly Product.

  • Patented 3D Cone-shaped Mesh Design‭, ‬Highly Breathable Without Feeling Stuffy
  • Provides Long-lasting Antibacterial Protection‭, ‬Removes Odors‭, ‬Promotes Mold Resistance‭, ‬Efficiently Filters Air Pollutants‭, ‬Isolates Harmful Gases and Bacteria‭, ‬Maintains Clean Air
  • Made from PE Polyethylene Material with High Tensile Strength‭, ‬Resistant to Sun Exposure‭, ‬Offers Long Service Life
  • Materials Comply with RoHS Certification for Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Generates Water Ions to Eliminate Air Contaminants and Purify the Air
  • Environmentally Friendly and Energy-Efficient‭, ‬Washable for Repeated Use‭, ‬Reduces Equipment Consumables
  • 100%‭ ‬Made in Taiwan with Guaranteed Quality



Farms and Fields, Fish Ponds, Home Windows and Doors, Air Purifiers, Office Ceilings


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