Traffic and Transportation

Durable, rugged and built for the long haul, PLASTICNET filters are design to deliver the most comprehensive line of filtration solutions for any kinds of public transportations.

Filters are an important part of any maintenance program. It needs to withstand the harsh environments and conditions, while maintaining its filtration efficiency. In term of public transportation, the safety characteristic of filter media is the most significant requirement of an effective filtration solution.

PLASTICNET’s innovative filtration solutions is suitable for engines, equipment and mechanical operation. It has passed through the British Standard fire test regulation and reached V0 grade testing. The filter media is smoke and toxic free with exclusive flame retardant feature to ensure the safety of operation. Design and manufactured with environmentally friendly material, fully compliant with the RoHS green product authentication, proved to unleash no harmful matter and pollution to environment.

Material Model

Animal Husbandry Cubical Filter

Animal Husbandry Circular Dome Filter