Health Care

In order to provide a comfortable, healthy and clean environment, it is very important to purify the air in hospitals and medical institutions. It helps to keep the medical personnel, patients and visitors from airborne bacteria and viruses, greatly lower the risk of getting diseases and infections.

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, for the patient whose immune system is weaken and more susceptible than usual, the indoor air quality plays a great role in their their recovery process.


In addition to airborne contaminants affecting patients and hospital staff, toxic gases in the air may also cause damage to medical facility equipment. To reduce the risk of infection and equipment failure rate, air contaminants from inside and outside the environment must be filtered effectively.


For over 50 years, the PLASTICNET has been developing air filtration solutions to help client improving indoor air quality with the lowest possible energy cost. The filter media is proved to greatly improve the air quality, providing a variety of functional features such as bacteria and fungi removal, odors and allergen elimination. It is also able to capture and reduce the fine particles up to 99%.

Material Model

Animal Husbandry Cubical Filter

Animal Husbandry Circular Dome Filter