Industrial Metal

Industrial metal manufacturing has always been a critical sector in modern manufacturing, with applications ranging from metal production, casting, processing, to the manufacturing of various products. However, the metal manufacturing process often generates dust, smoke, and harmful gases, which not only impact worker health but can also pose risks to equipment performance and product quality.

OriginalLife Purifiers technology has emerged to provide optimized solutions for the industrial metal manufacturing industry. Our purifiers are widely used in metal processing plants, foundries, welding operations, metal powder manufacturing, and various metal-related manufacturing processes.

Here are some key applications of OriginalLife Purifiers in industrial metal manufacturing:

Cement and Rock Processing: These operations produce a significant amount of dust. Dust is generated at every production stage, from quarrying to shipping the finished product. Using OriginalLife filters can effectively trap the dust generated during processing.

Glass Manufacturing: Glass manufacturing presents challenging dust collection applications. This is because any moisture can transform components like hygroscopic soda ash and silica into cement-like cakes on filter bags, rendering them ineffective.

Quarries: There are many processes in quarries that can cause dust in the air, with varying degrees of severity, from nuisance dust to potentially life-threatening situations. Dust is generated at every production stage, from working on rock faces to shipping the finished product. Combining these challenges with the often extreme weather conditions, dry and wet processes, and the variable nature of the minerals being processed makes for a complex situation.

Aviation Technology: For aviation industries dealing with sensitive machinery, OriginalLife offers fire-resistant filters with a high safety margin. Beyond air filtration, these filters also ensure the safety of personnel. The fire-resistant material is non-flammable and meets smoke concentration standards. Many domestic companies, such as Taiwan High-Speed Rail and Chung-Ho Neng Hsing, use our products.

Lime/Gypsum: Complying with current legislation and reducing emissions is a fundamental task for gypsum board manufacturers. Using OriginalLife primary filters can filter out dust, providing a safe working environment and reducing public safety hazards.

Dust Control: Dust generated during metal processing and casting is a common issue. OriginalLife Purifiers efficiently filter out this dust, ensuring that air quality meets standards while protecting workers from dust pollution.

Smoke Treatment: Welding and metal processing often produce smoke containing harmful gases and particles. Our purifiers effectively remove this smoke, ensuring a clean working environment and contributing to improved worker health and safety.

TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) Control: In certain metal manufacturing processes, the emission of volatile organic compounds is a critical issue. OriginalLife Purifiers can address these harmful compounds, helping to comply with environmental regulations and reduce environmental impact.

Equipment Protection: Using purifiers can safeguard metal processing equipment from damage caused by dust and contaminants, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

OriginalLife Purifiers technology not only enhances production efficiency in industrial metal manufacturing but also ensures the protection of product quality and worker health. In a highly competitive industry that demands efficiency and environmental responsibility, our technology provides a crucial advantage, facilitating sustainable production and high-quality products.

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