Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry has long been regarded as a cornerstone of modern industrialization, supplying the energy we need and many crucial chemical raw materials. However, as global energy demand continues to rise, the petroleum industry faces increasingly severe challenges, including pollution and environmental risks during the production process. In this context, OriginalLife filtration technology plays a pivotal role by offering solutions to address these issues.

OriginalLife filtration technology is also widely employed in environmental protection measures, such as the removal of harmful pollutants from emission gases to comply with environmental regulations.

OriginalLife filters represent a critical technology that not only enhances production efficiency but also ensures the quality and safety of products while contributing to a reduction in adverse environmental impacts. As the petroleum industry continues to evolve, filtration technology will continue to play a vital role in promoting the sustainability and environmental responsibility of energy production.

ABS, PS, PE, PA, PP, EVA, DOP, SM, olefins, plastic processing, asphalt, aromatics, plastic-coated fabric.

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