Pollution Remediation

In terms of media for the treatment of water and waste water, PLASTICNET’s filtering media has an advantage over other contaminant removal and water filtration systems, offering the most effective water purification solution on the market, running at a higher flow and higher filtration rates than other filtration media.

Wastewater treatment is also likely to produce odors, hazardous gasses and contaminants.

Possible contaminants:

  • Sewer overflow (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, trichlorethylene and hydrocarbons)
  • Industrial wastewater (benzene, industrial chemicals effluents, such as amines and other volatile organic compounds)
  • Residential sewage (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans)

As odors control is also one of the main goal of PLASTICNET filter media. We offer a deodorizing misting systems to target volatilized odor compounds in the air, providing the cost effective solution for the wastewater treatment.

Material Model

Animal Husbandry Cubical Filter

Animal Husbandry Circular Dome Filter